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Mighty Snorter: Volume 1

Mighty Snorter: Volume 1

The rhapsody of psychedelia runs through this mightily heroic (clogged nostrils notwithstanding) tome about the adventures of J.R. Fortin’s Mighty Snorter, whose powers are founded on the many ways the nose can transform an ordinary police officer into a mean, green, crime fighting superhero.

On the high octane, high decibel streets of urban Los Angeles, evil villainy is just a snot shot away from being shut down and jailed.  The cops, our.....

Mighty Snorter: Volume 2

Mighty Snorter: Volume 2

If you liked the first Mighty Snorter for its uncultivated ways, you’ll absolutely adore this one.

This highly offensive comedy put the villains that nobody talks about to use. Jake, still battling between the struggles between being a cop and a superhero, is now being mentored by an old man, Greg the Grasshopper, whose methods of training are dangerous, unorthodox, and suicidal.

Along with many new characters appearances you will.....

Mighty Snorter: Volume 3

Mighty Snorter is back and better than ever! The LAPD will stop at nothing to catch Earlobe Fitspatrick. Mighty Snorter villains you love will return and new ones will rise such as Tenderizer and Waxer. Also two new editions to LAPD will be added, one of which Jake finds himself slowly falling in love with.

Mighty Snorter Volume 4

Mighty Snorter Is Back! Our hero is back fighting new hit villains such as Earwax Ernie, Craig Chrome, and Nickel Picking Noah! Jake will cross a line where there’s no going back after a rapist gets off. He will teach him a lesson he won’t forget as he finally snaps. Officer Jake Green will give up his badge forever! Realizing the only way he can really save people is with his suit on he finally gives up on the corrupt.....